About Us

OpenThought LLC

OpenThought, LLC is a company founded by Eric Andreychek, who is eager to meet your Linux consulting, training, and web hosting needs. OpenThought is based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Eric began working with Linux and Open Source way back in 1994. It started as a hobby, and later began using it professionaly during the day and for various side-jobs. His passion for working with people and Open Source still not quenched, Eric formed OpenThought, LLC, where he could do both.

Eric is an active member in both the Harrisburg Linux and Perl user groups, assists in organizing and hosting various Linux, Open Source, and Security related conferences, attends various Open Source related conferences and functions, and participates in numerous online communities largely with a goal of furthering knowledge, and helping others do the same.

In essence, Eric managed to turn his hobby into his profession. And we hope to turn that enthusiasm into a good solution for whatever your needs are. The fact of the matter is that we enjoy both technology and solving problems. Even if it doesn't perfectly fit into a category below, let's talk about it!
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Web Hosting

Rock solid web hosting - most customers use the $10/month plan.

Linux Administration

Expertise on Linux servers, networking, security, software setup and much more.

Personalized Training

Linux, networking, security, programming, software usage, you name it.